Studio S

With our studios in category S, comfort and aesthetics take center stage without making compromises. Compact, yet efficiently designed, this studio offers a cozy and modern accommodation, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a comfortable living space that is simultaneously stylish and efficient.

Accommodating one guest, our thoughtfully designed studios S, sized between 17 – 21 m², are set up with custom-made furniture, offer a premium kitchen, a Smart TV, a private balcony and a lot more. Our underfloor heating and our ceiling cooling ensure a cozy stay both on chilly winter days and on the hottest summer days.

The best part? Our transparent all-in rent covers everything – no hidden fees. Book now and discover the charm of Vienna and its 22nd district!

ALL-IN RENT from 599€

17 - 21 m²

Boxspring Bed

Ceiling Cooling

Floor Heating

1 Person

Premium Kitchen

Own Bathroom

Parquet Floor

LIVING-solution tailored to your needings in vienna

LIVING-solution tailored to your needings in vienna​

We offer underfloor heating and ceiling cooling so that nothing stands in the way of your well-being. In addition, our studios are equipped with high quality furniture and appliances. Among other things, a UHD Smart TV, kitchen appliances from Zanussi and tailor-made furniture is provided.

ALL-IN Package

Includes the rental fee, operating costs, WIFI and a room cleaning service. No hidden costs!

Premium Furniture

Includes a private bathroom, exclusive kitchen, boxspring bed, table and much more.


High-Speed WIFI, UHD Smart TV, Floor Heating, Ceiling Cooling, NFC Laundromat and much more. 


With our studio, you don't just have your supermarket nearby, you even have it in-house, so you can save a lot of time.

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Business Hours

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


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